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If you have a tiny house or an apartment, it takes a few tips to make such a limited and narrow interior more spacious, but still functional. The following tips are for those of you who want to re-organize your tiny house interior.

1. The built-in furniture

The built-in furniture is the type of furniture whose the design is adjusted to the size and the needs of the room. This is because the size and the shape of the built-in furniture is made fit with the space, and is made specifically measured, and usually attached to the walls of the room.

2. The monochromatic color scheme

Choose colors included in a color wheel, and apply it in the entire room, both foundation and filler element. This enables a unified impression to the overall home interior, giving a more spacious impression. For example, if you pick beige as the main color, you can choose its gradation, such as brown and white.

3. Use mirrors

Wall mirrors are very effective to bring a spacious feel to a tiny home interior. Even, the use of floor-to-ceiling mirror is highly recommended for a pretty tiny home interior.

4. Choose upholstery plain shades.

Choose upholstery sofas and chairs are plain and neutral shades. Line pattern and patterns in embossed on the fabric gives the impression of more “severe” when applied to furniture small house. When you want to use a patterned material, choose a small pattern like polka spots as small as a picture on the side. For large motif, can be applied to a sofa and chair cushions. Plain material also has a lot of texture, from which thick hairy until smooth (silky). Mix some plain fabric textures in one room can give the effect of its own without the need to use a patterned material.

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Tiny House Interior Ideas

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Tiny House Interior Ideas Great

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