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The bedroom is one of the main room in your house, and the interior of the bedroom should be designed different from the other rooms of your home, as the bedroom is the most private area in a house and also serves as a place of relaxation from the daily activity. But what if you have a small bedroom?

Reduce Abundancy
Keep your bedroom neat and proportional. The more furniture or accessories you put, the narrower it feels. Your small bedroom will feel more and more narrow if you push yourself to put too many furniture or accessories. Consider creating enough storage space, so you can “hide” your goods.

The bedding
The size bedding is one of the main things in arranging a small and narrow bedroom. The bed size depends on the size of your bedroom, because your bed will most likely be the focal point. If you have a large bed in a small bedroom, you will instantly feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Ceiling exploration
The decored ceiling can be a visual illusion tips in manipulating a small bedroom. In recent years, the decored ceiling is popular. The addition decoration on the fifth dimension is normally forgotten, but by exploring the ceiling, the room atmosphere will feel much more relaxing and able to create a spacious impression in a narrow room. If you opt to stick with the standard ceiling, consider using a lighter color to manipulate the visual into the illusion of space.

The coloring
The coloring is one of the most useful tips in promoting the nuance of a bedroom. The use of dark/bold colors in a small room can make your bedroom feel like a cave. But, if you still want to incorporate darker colors in the your small bedroom, consider integrating them in bedroom accessories such as upholsteries, paintings, or photo frames.

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Small Bathroom Gold Accents

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