Selecting Paint Types for Kitchen Cabinets

Paint Types For Kitchen Cabinets Beautiful

When it comes to decorating a kitchen, paint color might be the first to come up. But, if it turns out that you sort out of budget to remodel your kitchen, don’t be discouraged, because there’s one important kitchen fixture that will promote renewal to your kitchen, the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinets play an important role in keeping the kitchen organized and neat. In addition to the functionality aspect, the aesthetics aspect would be better not to be forgotten. However a stunning look of a new kitchen cabinet depends on the type of the paint you choose. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick a right type of paint to synchronize the remodel creation in your kitchen. There are two paint types widely used for the wooden material, especially furnishings like cabinets; latex-based paint and oil-based paint.

1. The latex-based paint is composed of a high-gloss acrylic material which is very suitable for the wooden furnishings, making it the #1 option for to embrace the kitchen cabinet. The water-based paint has very smooth and bright characters. It won’t be faded off by age as it is very easy to clean up.

2. When it comes to painting wooden furnishing, the furniture manufacturers might prefer using the oil-based paint as it gives a distinct yet elegant look to the metal-composed furniture as it is able to balance the glossiness of the metal. Additionally, it’s also pretty durable, making it suitable to be applied in the high-traffic areas.

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Paint Types For Kitchen Cabinets Awesome

Paint Types For Kitchen Cabinets

Paint Types For Kitchen Cabinets Cool

Paint Types For Kitchen Cabinets Beautiful

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