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Lighting is an uncompromising fixture in all of the house parts. Its presence will not only enlighten the home, it will also give an important contribution to the atmosphere creation. However, to achieve those objectives, the lighting has also its rules. Especially, if your home interior applies a structured interior concept, the lighting is nothing but the vital part for your home. The dining room is one of the a proper lighting-mandatory room, because in addition to holding a dining area, this room is like the second living room, whose atmosphere has to facilitate the family gathering time.

The most traditional, classic choice of dining room lighting might go to the hanging lamps. This kind of lighting is best suitable for a dining room that has a high ceiling height (30-40 inches from the dining table). Either you want to apply a complex-ornated hanging lamp, make sure that the lamp still leaves fair space to avoid the clutterness or even the risk of accidentaly head bumping into the lamp. Therefore, consider using a low-hung hanging lamp that provides a proper lighting.

The Wall lighting might be the simplest option for the dining room lighting. The height is perfect for a low ceiling dining room. However, if it turns out that sometime that you want to appy a formal dinner with your relatives, it will require other lighting fixtures, like candles to promote the formality and warmth in the dining room.

Finally, the last step you need to consider to ensure the lighting adequacy in your dining room is to apply the general and task lighting, which both have their own height scale. For example, the general lighting (hanging lamp or wall lighting) has to be prioritized, while the task lighting is the supporting factor to help promote the atmosphere in your dining room.

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