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In choosing home curtains, there are several aspects to consider. It’s not only the motif or the color scheme, but you also need to consider the size to adjust with the windows, ceiling height, and also the environment where you live, whether hot or cold.

The material texture
To select the right curtain materials, you have to first consider the interior atmosphere you want to emerge. In a formal room, you can choose silk or velvet curtain. Other fabric choices that can be easily washed is a mixture of soft cotton cloth and cotton sateen. As for a casual room, consider choosing a bloated linen or wrinkled velvet. The sheer curtain is also on the top of the list due to its simplicity and softness.

The color selection is based on whether the curtain design to be incorporated with the design of the room to or not. If so, pick the color of curtains that matches the color of the walls of the room, or you can replace it with a neutral color. Meanwhile, the use of bold or contrast color with the color of the room will make the curtain stand out in the room. Keep in mind, for a room that is intensively enlighten by sunlight, the striped curtains will further beautify the look of the room.

The motif and the pattern
The interior design rule: if a room’s furniture has already a motif furniture, let the curtains plain, without motive. So did the opposite, if the furniture is plain, then choose curtains with attractive motive. The most chosen curtain motif is small and neutral motif. For example, the dot and lining motif. Motifs like these will give a wonderful texture when viewed from a distance.

The ideal length

The room height is the one of those that determines the ideal length of the curtains. The common curtain length available on the market is between 62-145 inches. To determine the right length, try measuring from the bottom of the curtain where the curtain hanger, and then pull up to the top of the window. In addition, a growing trend today is to let curtains dangling on the floor. Because if the curtains are too short, it will make the atmosphere in the room so stiff.

Beautiful Home Curtain Ideas Great

Beautiful Home Curtain Ideas

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Living Room Curtain Ideas Fancy Curtains For Living Room Curtains And Drapes Ideas Living Room 805x724

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