Bathroom Ceramic Flooring and Backsplash Ideas

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The use of ceramics in the modern homes today has become a common and vital factor. The role of this floor coverings can shift the existence of marble and wooden boards that are relatively expensive and difficult to install. Now, every corner of the house, even the walls, decorated by it, and the bathroom is no exception.

An organized and comfortable bathroom is certainly strengthened by several things such as the level of cleanliness, the fillers layout (closet, bathtube, cabinet, etc..) as well as the walls and floors. Indeed, with the addition of ceramic the bathroom seemed to be more attractive and elegant. However, if it turns out that you fail to select the type of bathroom ceramic, it will ruin the comfortable and even the safety in the bathroom.

If the type of the ceramic used on a bathroom flooring is the same with the backsplash’s ceramic, it’s quite risky to be slippery and as a result, it will be dangerous to th home occupants. In addition to the type, the inharmonius motif and color options will potentially bring in a bad mood or an uncomfortable feeling when you are in the bathroom.

So, in order to make it easier for you to select the type of ceramic for the bathroom, here are the following tips in choosing ceramic for the flooring and the walls of the bathroom:
1. The non-slippery ceramic type is the best type for the wet area. The wet area of bathroom, it’s not recommended to apply the smooth- and glossy-textured ceramic. Since the wet area has a high activity traffic, a coarse- and a bit rough-textured ceramic is the best option to ensure the safety.
2. As for the backsplash, choose which gives the impression of smooth, clean, and slippery.

Bathroom Ceramic Flooring And Backsplash Ideas Awesome

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Best Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas

Bathroom Ceramic Flooring And Backsplash Ideas Best

Bathroom Ceramic Flooring And Backsplash Ideas

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