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Indonesia is one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos. And Bali, a god-gifted island, is one of its sophisticated islands that bring all the good things for every aspect of human’s life. In the term of the interior design, Bali has many distinctive concept spanning traditional crafts, details, furniture, and many more which can simply be the exceptional home decorative fixtures.

The Balinese interior design is actually like a combination of the typical Indonesian interior design and the traditional tropical design. Therefore, the openness and natural air-embraced atmosphere are the main things we often see in a Balinese interior design. Additionally, it’s always surrounded by natural view, like ocean or a tropical garden that contains of many kinds of tropical exotic plants.

The natural atmosphere can easily be felt when it comes to the Balinese interior design. The use of natural materials constructing the house, especially decorating the interior, is like a mandatory to a Balinese interior design. Teak wood and rattan are two most-applied home materials for the Indonesian traditional home design. It goes the same way with the Balinese interior. Teak is usually used as the foundation element of the house, like walls or flooring, while rattan is usually applied as the furnishings.

To further emphasize the presence of the Balinese nuance in your home, make sure that you decorate your house with the Balinese accessories, like handicrafts, wooden sculptures, paintings, and fabrics. Plus, you can also integrate the typical Indonesian green element which is the paddy that’s put in a pot or to be a decorative wall hanging. Additionally, you can also enclose Wayang, an Indonesian traditional puppet, as the home decorative elements.

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